Deep inside the Haunted Engine Room

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New eBook Available over at Flatbooks!

Here’s a new kind of eBook for you over at Most ebooks, like my recent one about Photoshop, are photography-centric. This one is a bit different and more of a life-centric book. It has gotten great reviews – hope you enjoy it!

3-2-1 Stop was written byLorilee Lippincott and it’s filled with over 80 pages of advice, experiences, and application from someonewho has experienced the freedom and power of being a minimalist in a consumerist world.

How I upload photos to Google+

I get this question a lot, so I made a little how-to video so you can see a little of my workflow.

Daily Photo -Deep inside the Haunted Engine Room

Right after the LA PhotoWalk, I decided to do something that may or may not have been illegal. There is a haunted ship docked off the coast of Long Beach that has been partially converted to a hotel – the Queen Mary. There is a little tour that takes you around haunted bits here and there. Tom and I left the tour to start exploring on our own…. we found all sorts of amazing and creepy, abandoned places… this is one of them.

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