Nikon D800 Camera is Here. What do YOU Think?

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Nikon D800 via B&H

Alright photo geeks. Indeed, Nikon just dropped another news bomb this week – the much-anticipated Nikon D800 is here. Not unlike the D4, I’ve known about its imminent arrival for some time. But there are some sorta cool curve balls….So let’s get into it.

Heres some highlighted specs:

_36.3 megapixel, full-frame sensor (FX)
_up to 5fps still image shooting
_1080pHD video 24 or 30fps
_ISO Range 100-6400 (extendable from 25,600)
_Live View + External Monitor viewing for professional video applications
_Built in external microphone with audio monitoring capabilities via external headphones
_Twin card slots – one Compact Flash and one SD
_weight = 2 pounds 3 oz

The curve balls for me? The megapixels. There’s a lot of em. Also, this is geared a lot more toward video than I would have anticipated. But beyond that… Please note I HAVE NOT touched one of these cameras, and like the D4, NO I didn’t shoot the campaign. I haven’t yet spent time with the camera to tell you any gory details, although I’m assuming I’ll be able to chat more soon.

Aesthetics? Click thru a range of images of the camera via the above tabs.

So.. I (we) knew this was coming, but rather than me spouting off about having played with the system (I cant – although some of you journalist types have I’m sure), or telling you what your feelings about this system should be (I wont), Im turning the tables on you.

Whats your take? Love, hate, indifferent? Insights?

[Reminder that Nikon plays close attention to this blog, so your comments on this post - glowing or otherwise - might help inform Nikon about what your thinking.]

Link to all the Nikon D800 details and/or purchase here via B&H.

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