33 Uplifting Photos of Green Fields

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Business people love talking about “green fields” and “clear skies” and they have a point – how can you not feel a little better with either in front of you. But we thought we’d go old school and remind everyone of the real green fields scenario. Here’s a little inspiration for us all.

Under the Lonely Tree by eugenijusr, on Flickr

Cracking Up! by needoptic, on Flickr

A Special Morning :) by NJ.., on Flickr

Corn field by kevindooley, on Flickr

Picture perfect park… by Marisaxann94, on Flickr

Minimalist Landscape III by lrargerich, on Flickr

summer wishes [Explored!] by Shandi-lee, on Flickr

Dew Drop Wishes by NJ.., on Flickr

Hay Bales HDR by M Glasgow, on Flickr

run around to your heart’s content by notsogoodphotography, on Flickr

From the Field to the Forest by Kyle Kruchok, on Flickr

lush,wet,green by ninja gecko, on Flickr

Man on the Mound by Matt McGee, on Flickr

with nature by Victor Bezrukov, on Flickr

patchwork by glasseyes view, on Flickr

hello & good morning by edgaa, on Flickr

bug by iTux, on Flickr

!!! by J Anand, on Flickr

Longji Rice fields, Pingan,China by clip works, on Flickr

The Other Side is Butter by mendhak, on Flickr

The Gathering Spot. by Hot Meteor, on Flickr

* * * by edgaa, on Flickr

Castelluccio di Norcia – Fiorita by Un ragazzo chiamato Bi, on Flickr

Hay in Lopez Island by skedonk, on Flickr

Here by The Wandering Angel, on Flickr

Don’t Pick the Daisies by xJasonRogersx, on Flickr

Summer Rolls in…. by Tee Time Tony, on Flickr

Immensity by Josep Ma. Rosell, on Flickr

Breeze by machernucha, on Flickr

Nice little bridge! by publicenergy, on Flickr

Kiss by vortistic, on Flickr

DSC02658 by Pearson,KyleD, on Flickr

Stripy Field by jillyspoon, on Flickr

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