35 Daunting and Scary Photos of Volcanoes

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While it’s possible to turn practically any subject into a great photograph, it’s also the case that some subjects make that process a hell of a lot easier. Volcanoes are naturally imposing on any landscape. These photos of volcanoes show how they can be photographed with great results.

Dark Days Are Coming
Photo by Tarotastic

Mount Damavand
Photo by Hamed Saber

flowing rock
Photo by Paul (dex)

Ruapehu, New Zealand, 31 August 2005
Photo by PhillipC

Kaweka and Ruapehu, New Zealand, 10 August 2005
Photo by PhillipC

Photo by Andrea Canon

Volcanic Ash Dunes
Photo by Tarotastic

Caldera at the heart of Timanfaya
Photo by Blinkingidiot

End Of Days
Photo by Tarotastic

el Popo est intenso
Photo by El Mundo de Laura

Gunug Rinjani Summit
Photo by NeilsPhotography

At the heart of the Fire Mountains
Photo by Blingingidiot

Photo by Clearly Ambiguous

Hekla  a dormant volcano "Gateway to Hell."
Photo by Sverrir Thor

Costal twilight volcano
Photo by NeilsPhotography

View of Mount Batok  (DSC_0205)
Photo by Schristia

Photo by NeilsPhotography

Volcano Choshuenco
Photo by Tabea Carbonero

volcano koryakskiy
Photo by N0_mad

Mount Doom
Photo by Mister Jo

Volcn de Fuego
Photo by Ani Carrington

Poas Volcano Panorama
Photo by Clearly Ambiguous

Etna acima das nuvens
Photo by Leandro’s World Tour

The Day the Volcano Erupted - A Halloween Horror Story
Photo by coolinsights

I Ain't 'fraid of No Xocomil!
Photo by AlphaTangoBravo

Atitlan Sunrise
Photo by DavidDennisPhotos.com

Photo by Songster09

Mt Adams
Photo by Pfly

Taranaki, New Zealand, 31 August 2005
Photo by PhillipC

Laguna Verde (Green Lake)
Photo by Valdiney Pimenta

Mount Taranaki
Photo by Declan Prendiville Photography

Sakurajima / ()
Photo by Tanaka Juuyoh

The volcano Hekla
Photo by Lydurs

Photo by Pappalars

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